Industrial Bulk Container Leasing and Vendor Managed Inventory

We offer a range of IBC leasing and VMI solutions that allow your business to focus on core competencies while enjoying all the benefits of a managed industrial bulk container fleet.

Reliable service

No long lead times. We maintain our leasing pool based on contract requirements so we are able to meet your needs on time, every time.

Every container is cleaned, repaired, and tracked each time it cycles through one of our facilities.

No CapEx and more efficient

In addition to providing a larger selection of quality industrial bulk containers, Extera's Vendor Managed Inventory and Leasing programs are designed to eliminate any capital investment, while at the same time reducing labor, storage, and freight costs. Our solutions create efficiencies in your supply chain and improve material handling within your operations.

Contact us for the latest used container in our inventory and if we do not have it in-stock, we will find it for you.

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