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How do we drive efficiency and compliance in the supply chain, including transportation and storage?

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Extera has engineered an entire superior ecosystem around the collapsible reusable bulk container: selling, leasing, tracking, cleaning, and recycling.

Eliminate empty miles. Reduce goods damaged. Save on container costs.

We offer a comprehensive service. That means we lease, sell, maintain, and clean. We repair, deliver and track, as well as recycle.

Whatever stage or condition your bulk containers are in, we can help - and in a way that reduces environmental impact.

Economic benefits combined with environmental sustainability

Wooden pallets and gaylords can sustain 1 or 2 uses before heading to the landfill. Bulk plastic containers and pallets can not only sustain years of reuse, they are also recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Economic and sustainable.



total cost savings
compared to cardboard



carbon emission savings
compared to cardboard


Our containers are made of high-density plastic to better protect and prevent contamination of cargo. They can also be sanitized to meet biological safety standards.

Extera combines a culture of outstanding service to customers with dedication to sustainable development

This winning combination is why companies choose to partner with Extera.