48 x 40 x 6
Plastic pallet

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Volume and custom quotes are available. Please contact us.
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Product Information

Stackable plastic pallets are specifically crafted to meet the demands of material handling tasks that necessitate enhanced strength and load-bearing capabilities. Their consistently uniform design enables seamless integration with automated systems. These plastic pallets are built to last, making them reusable for numerous round trips, resulting in reduced expenses per trip within closed-loop supply chain operations. By allowing secure stacking of palletized goods, stackable plastic pallets effectively optimize space during transportation and storage, ensuring efficient utilization of valuable resources.


Injection molded one-piece construction for maximum durability 4-way entry for easy access with forklifts or hand jacks
Leg holes provide quick drainage
Square legs for improved stability
Tapered side entry areas for easy unstacking when nested
Sustainable – molded in recycled plastic and 100% recyclable
Fork openings 40” side 11”
Fork openings 48” side 14.5”
Foot width (bottom) 3.5”
Foot width (top of pallet) 4.5”
Clearance under top deck 4.5”
Top deck overhang 2”

Dimensions, Weights, and Capacity

Exterior Length
Exterior Width
Exterior Height
Static Loading
Dynamic Load Stack


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